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Check By Fax

Check By Fax is a simple, easy way to keep your records correct and up to date. Here is an outline of how it works:

  • Your business places an order.

  • After the order is placed, accounting verifies the history on the account, and looks for any prior invoices still awaiting payment.

  • After accounting approves the release of the order it is shipped, minus any back orders of course.

  • The following day, you will be faxed your invoice.

  • Check By Fax terms require you to remit payment (as outlined below) within twenty-four hours of receiving the faxed invoice copy.

  • We ask when you receive the invoice, please tape your signed check for the amount in the middle of the invoice and then FAX it back to us. This will help us apply your payment to the correct invoice. If you are paying multiple invoices, please tape the check to one of the invoices, and in the memo field or on a cover letter, provide any additional invoice numbers you are paying.

    Check By Fax invoices are due and payable upon receipt. If the terms are not upheld, your account may be at risk to be placed on hold.

    Please be advised that this term is not considered an extension of credit. If you would like to apply for Net 30 terms with Horizon Spa and Pool Parts, please go to this page.

    If you have any questions or concerns about your account, we encourage you to contact Horizon Spa and Pool Parts so any one in the accounting office can explain in more detail.

    The Accounting Department
    Horizon Spa and Pool Parts, Inc.