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Our History


Who we are

Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. is a Tucson owned and operated pool and spa parts distributor catering to the repair parts and equipment needs of service, repair, construction, and retail companies nationwide since 1992. We maintain our warehouse and corporate headquarters in Tucson and we conduct most of our business through our website, catalog and telephone sales. We believe we have the finest team of technicians and technical salespeople in the pool and spa industry and we can assist you in many aspects of your construction, renovation, service, and retail businesses. Horizon is a very fast growing pool and spa parts distributor with dealers in all 50 states and extending around the world. We are successful because we focus our energy on those service parts that the major whole goods distributors find difficult to handle. What would be a time consuming special order for them many times is a routine order for us. We ship pool & spa parts the same day you call us and we give you free ground freight for any order over $500, no matter how bulky or heavy the product is. Browse through this website or look through our printed catalogs and see why Horizon is quite simply the BEST pool and spa parts distributor in the industry.

Where we came from

Horizon Spa & Pool Parts, Inc. commenced operations in September 1992, the result of a desire to make replacement parts readily available to service technicians nationwide.  Pool and spa service technicians from all over Arizona had been coming to Horizon’s retail predecessor for years in search of these parts.  We were very active in the field at the time with fiberglass and gunite pool/spa construction, portable spa sales and installation, portable spa repair, pool repair, and pool/spa monthly service.  There were few aspects of field operations we did not have an expertise in and other service techs came to us for this expertise as well as for repair parts.  Why did they come to us?  We found early on that these parts were not available to these techs from other distributors, so we stocked them ourselves.  Business grew over the years to the point where we started asking ourselves if this shortage of parts was evident in other parts of the country.  In 1991, we sent surveys out to potential dealers all around the country and the response was overwhelming; “Yes, we want parts!”  With that, we printed our first catalog in September 1992 and began operations.  Our focus then and now is “Providing parts and knowledge to serve the industry” We quickly outgrew our first facility and moved into a larger warehouse in 1994.  As service techs around the country responded to our message, we designed and constructed our third facility in March of 1999.  Still that was not enough as we doubled the size of that facility in August of 2000.  Continued response from America’s service techs compelled us to design and build our fourth facility in April of 2006.  All along, we have focused on making sure we have the products, services, and expertise that will help you grow your businesses.  With every part we buy, with every team member we add, and with every phone call we make, we continually refocus on our mission to “Provide parts and knowledge to serve the industry”